Toshinori Sugita

I'm curious about building a platform which enable engineers focus on codes more. It was first time to see a serverless world at Serverlessconf Tokyo, Japan in 2017. It is not only interesting but also effective. I started to use AWS Lambda in production environment. I wrote some books about serverless. I want to talk with people who love serverless all over the world. This is my first challenge to go abroad for a technical talk!

Talk: Build serverless application on the top of Kubernetes

Recently, serverless has been seen in container workload. Container orchestration by Kubernetes is awesome in terms of deployment, scaling and self healing. But, it is a little more complicated for application engineers. They (including me) have to write Dockerfiles and Kubernetes manifests, build Docker images, push them to Docker registry, and so on.

In my talk, I’ll show you how Knative and Knative based services like Cloud Run help application engineers focus more on codes and features introducing use cases and my containerized application development experience.

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