Effy Elden


Effy Elden is a 24-year-old non-binary person who works as a consultant software developer for ThoughtWorks in Melbourne. As an avid technologist they are passionate about DevOps enablement and cloud infrastructure, and in their spare time they pursue activism in the fields of digital privacy and queer rights.

Talk: Lets use all the clouds!

With serverless technology gaining prominence in the tech industry, more and more cloud providers are starting to offer cloud functions, static website hosting, and other hosted services.

As the space becomes crowded, it can be harder and harder to choose the best cloud for your serverless needs.

But what if you didn’t have to choose one? What if you could run a simple serverless application comprised of a static frontend and stateless backend in multiple clouds at once?

Is it advisable? Is it practical? Is it even possible? Come along for an adventure to find out.

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